How works:

Simple as 1-2-3! 

1. Register with   2.  Purchase a Bid Pack   3.  Bid on Auctions  

Below we will explain the three types of auctions available to you: 

All auctions (except the regular style) will have banners at the top so that you know which type of auction you are bidding on.   Many of the auctions (any style) will have a "buy it now" option.  You can purchase items at a discounted price without bidding, as long as that option is showing.  

Regular Auctions - (no banner) These auctions have a set starting price, starting and ending time and will go up in increments of one cent or more.  The increment amount will be clearly displayed.  When you click on the "BID' button you will be charged one bid token.  When the ending time is reached, the last bidder wins the auction.  The winner then pays the price of the auction and any applicable shipping fees.  Note:  If any user has activated the "BidBuddy", when the auction hits zero, 1 minute and 55 seconds will be added to the auction until all bids are placed.

Timed Auctions -  (fast paced)

All auction prices will have a starting price and starting time.  You can place bids anytime, even before the "timed" part of the auction starts*.  Then it's a fast paced, timed auction!  Auctions increments will be 1 cent or more and will be clearly marked.  What this means is that each time you click on the "BID" button the price of the auction will go up by one of these increments (it will be clearly marked) and you will be charged one bid token.  There will also be a timer on the auction which will count backwards to zero - 30 seconds, 20 seconds, or 10 seconds.  Each bid will reset the timer back to 30 (on a 30 second auction).  When the timer hits zero and there are no other bids placed, the last bidder wins!   It's best not to wait until the last second to bid, as the bids are counted in order of when they are placed and you don't want to be shut out. 5 or 6 seconds is best. The winner then pays the price of the auction and any applicable shipping fees.  *This is a great auction type to use the "BidBuddy".  Read more about BidBuddy on the FAQ page.

Name Your Price -   (Revealed Auctions)

The price shown is the starting price.  When you click on the "Bid" button you will be charged one bid token.  The price of the item will be reduced by 25 cents and a popup screen will appear, click OK right away to reveal your price, the price will be located where the original starting price was, above your username. You will then have 20 seconds to purchase the product at the revealed price.  If you don't purchase within 20 seconds, the opportunity to purchase at the lower price is gone. The price could even go down to zero!  When the price is right for you, you can purchase the item at the discounted price and the auction is over.  Don't wait too long or someone may steal your deal.   The winner then pays the price of the auction and any applicable shipping fees. (Note:  The BidBuddy cannot be used on this type of auction.)

No Bid Token Auctions

These auctions will cost you no bid tokens to participate in.  The final price of the auction is what you will pay, plus any applicable shipping fees.  To bid on these special auctions, you must be a registered user.

BIDDING TIPS & STRATEGIES -  The following are suggestions and strategies that you may want to consider.

  These are not guaranteed strategies.   

 - VERY IMPORTANT:  Read the FAQ’s pages for the most popular questions.

- Be sure you are familiar with how the three different types of auctions work.   

- We recommend watching the auctions for a few minutes to get a feel for how they work.  

- It’s best to focus on one or two auctions at a time than spreading your bids too thin. 

- Buy a larger bidpack, it will cost you less per bid, you can buy bids for as low as 50 cents.    

- Watch for slower time periods and take advantage of them.  2am - 5am is one of the slower time periods (less bidders - more chance of winning).  

- Make sure you don’t run out of bids while you are in the midst of a hot auction!  Always have enough bid tokens on hand. 

- Keep an eye on other bidders and there patterns; if everyone is jumping on the room on Maui, you may have an opportunity to take advantage of an iPad or a dinner and a movie package. 

- Some bidders like to wait until the last second to bid, this can work to your advantage sometimes, but remember you don’t want to be shut out, so watch the timer carefully.  Bids are received and counted in the order of when they are placed.   

- Some bidders like to bid as soon as someone else bids.  This strategy can work but could also cost you a lot of bids. 

- Take advantage of some of our great promotions that we have going on right now on the Promotions page.